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Pieces of the Puzzle



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Catering options are available for all activities.

Duration: 3.5 hours

# of people in Group: 6 +



In this exercise, participants will be tasked with recreating a work of art by one of many artists; Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, and Delaunay, are just a few of the possibilities.


Each participant will be given a set of brushes, paints, a canvas, and a section of a larger image (think of it as a single piece in a puzzle). The task: reproduce the image onto the canvas. All participants must communicate and work together to ensure that, when united, the individual canvases will resemble the famous piece of work that is being replicated. The facilitator will work closely with the team, providing guidance, support and encouragement, and remind participants of the time limits.


When dry, all canvases will be connected to create the whole; the entire team masterpiece will be unveiled for all to celebrate.


After completion,  all pieces will be mounted together and delivered to your office.  The end result – a team masterpiece, which can be hung on a wall  as a daily reminder of the memorable experience shared together!


Thematic Journey

Duration: 3.5 hours

# of people in Group: 6 +



In this project, the team will start by brainstorming ideas of what they believe are relevant ‘building blocks’ of their team’s success.  (ie, productivity, respect, collaboration, customer service, trust, communication, creativity, etc.).  The group will collectively decide on one theme, and each team member will set out to create a painting that reflects the theme.  Each artist will use their own inspiration to interpret the theme and come up with a picture of what the 'building block' means to them.


The end product will be a group of multiple paintings that exhibit the uniqueness of each team member, and, simultameously, the common goal of the team. The beauty of this project is experiencing the unique ways that each team member interprets the common goal and works towards creating it.


At the end of the session, each team member will have a chance to discuss their piece, and the team will have a chance to respond to the individual pieces as well as the whole.  The individual pieces will be mounted and delivered to your office, ready to hang!

Duration: 2 hours

# of people in Group: 12+



Face-Off is a FUN competitive painting experience.  

Exhilarating and highly interactive, it brings together a feeling of energy and enthusiasm like no other.


During each 20 minute round, four painters go 'up to bat' to create their best possible painting.  After each round concludes, the entire group will vote on the best painting.  After each person has had a turn painting, the winners of each round go onto the final round - a ‘face-off’ for the title of painting champion extrodinaire.  


Fun, active, and energizing, this activity is a sure to get both creative and competitive juices flowing.  The paintings will be ready to take back to the office at the end of the session.

Wild at Heart

Duration: 2.5 hours

# of people in Group: 6 +



Get in touch with your creative side with this fun, freeplay painting activity.


Feel what it’s like to be a child again, and create freely, and without inhibition or expectations.

Pick your colors, pick your brushes, get your canvas, and just let go!


Participants can leave the session with paintings in hand!

Team Spirit

Duration: 3 hours

# of people in Group: 6+



In this physical, fun, interactive, project, the emphasis will be on effective communication, working as a team, and having a shared vision. Upon arrival, the group will be divided into multiple, smaller teams of 3-5 people.  Each team will be given a large canvas, paints, and the instructions to come up with a cohesive unifying concept on which to base the painting.  The concept can be anything, and doesn't necessarily have to do with the office (ie. to use only bright colours; to use only abstract shapes; to make a nature-based painting, etc.)


Members of the team will collaboratively finish the painting using effective communication and working together in a way that highlights the uniqueness of the individual and the cohesiveness of the group.


Once dry, the paintings will be available to take back to the office for hanging.

Play it by Ear

Duration: 2 hours

# of people in Group: 6+



A great way way to exercise those communcation and listening skills - this project illustrates the importance of careful listening and effective communication.


The group will be divided into pairs.  One person from each pair will be given a picture, which they cannot show to their partner.  The person with the picture must give instructions to their partner on how to paint what is in the picture, but without giving away any clues about what they are painting.  At the end of the hour the painting will be compared with the original picture.  Another batch of pictures will then be handed out to the other partner in the team, and the roles will be swapped.


Participants won't leave empty-handed! By the end of the session all paintings will be ready to take back to the office for hanging!

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