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"Every quarter we hold meetings that cover the year to date metrics and then follow up with a team event. We have had cooking, adventure, and game events in the past but never anything that involved art. Our principal discovered Maya's ad and passed it on to me. Once I inquired into the process it looked very interesting and a great bonus was that we would also end up with a piece of artwork created by the team.  I was not sure how art and construction trade related business would jive but I decided to find out. So we signed up for class, and told the team.


The experience took place in a nice comfortable setting, and lunch was available via catering. This made it convenient, and the group was able to focus on the task at hand with anticipation. Some of the group members told me after the class that they were initially apprehensive with having to paint, and were not sure how their contributions could in possibly turn into art…but as we progressed, they found that the program was very well structured and that Maya had a tremendous amount of patience to get us to an actual piece of art that we now display in our office.


It is truly worth it to take a leap into art when building teams. It was a real benefit for our team to enjoy the moment, and most of them never had an experience like this before. There were moments were we could hear a pin drop because everyone was so concentrated on working their part. It was a fun creative change that needed all team members contribution to finish one piece. Nobody knew what to expect and we worked through it…kind of like solving a business problem."



Walter Galler

LINC Sales Manager

Trotter & Morton, Calgary






"I was looking for an interesting team building activity to get my staff out of their comfort zone.  I loved the idea of creating a piece of art together where the activity incorporated elements of team work, creativity, individual challenge, focus and fun, and produced something we could all be proud of and take back to the office.  I was amazed at the result of our painting and how the predominantly male team really enjoyed the process and the finished product!  The team was so excited to get the final piece back to the office to show off their art work.  We sometimes stand in front of it and chat about the afternoon we created it.  I would definitely recommend this to any team, big or small.  And to top it off Maya was a great instructor and facilitator with such a warm personality and lots of patience!"



Hannah LaPlante

Leader Petroleum Technology


Statoil Canada Ltd.






"Creativity, relationships, problem solving, communication and productivity are key elements to any organization, this workshop covers all this. I would recommend Maya’s workshop to anyone that would like to have a fun unique activity that promotes team performance. In a relaxed comfortable environment, our team created a lasting masterpiece that all of us will admire and remember for years to come. Thank you Maya!"



Colin Mendes

Shell Canada Energy






"I have experienced Maya’s team building painting workshops and they were absolutely wonderful!  Maya guides the team towards accomplishing a painting (each person paints their own part). Most of us had never painted on canvas before and Maya’s tricks helped us accomplish a great piece of art as a team!  We were so proud of ourselves and Maya was really fun and patient with us. This painting is still displayed in our office and we all remember how much fun we had during this workshop!  This activity brings the team together much more than expected.


Maya is professional, she is a great teacher, patient, fun and knows how to facilitate a group that has never painted before. She brought us together and guided us towards a “real” team building event.  I never knew I could paint! It’s not as easy as it looks and I was really proud of myself & the whole team after the workshop! I would absolutely 100% recommend Maya’s workshops.  She has lots of experience, she is passionate about teaching, painting and making sure that the group has a good time during the team building activity."



Bianca Lagacé

Events Management Coordinator

Shell Canada Limited



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