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Q: How far in advance should I book?

A:  There is a minimum of 6 people per session and a maximum of approximately 30 people that can comfortably be accommodated at the ArtPoint venue.  If you'd like to host an event for a larger group we can  accommodate you at an alternate venue.  Just get in touch to discuss possible venue alternatives.

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Q: What is included in the cost?

Q: What about parking?

Q: Where are the events held, and is the venue included in the cost?

Q: How many people can you accommodate?

A:  Events are all held at ArtPoint Gallery & Studios in the heart of Inglewood and the cost for the venue is included in the price.  For events that are larger than ArtPoint's capacity an alternate venue will be necessary at an additional charge.

A: There is plenty of free parking available at ArtPoint!

A:  Pretty much everything you need to get you through the workshop, and a little beyond.  Here's what is included: materials (smocks, canvases, paints, brushes, etc.), the venue (ArtPoint Gallery & Studios), and the mounting and delivery of the finished pieces, ready to hang, and of course professional facilitation by Maya Gohill.

Q: What do I need to wear?

A:  Come wearing whatever you are comfortable in.  There is no need to change before coming, since smocks are provided to protect your clothing.  Avoid wearing your best shoes though, since paint can fall and accidents can happen!

A:  The sooner the better so we can be sure that there is enough time to prepare for a wonderful event!  A two-week head's up is preferred for most groups...however nothing is impossible.  If you'd like to plan something on short notice, just give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Q: What if I want to plan an event at another location, say in our company boardroom.  Or even out of town?

A:  No problem.  We can come to you wherever you are.  Just get in touch to find out more about travel fees.

Q: I can't draw a stick man!  Is this for me?

A:  Absolutely!  These workshops are for anyone, and no prior artistic experience is needed!  We have many tricks and tools to make this process easy for everyone.  Besides that, the best part of the process is becoming re-aquainted with your creative side and feeling the thrill of making art, just like you did when you were a kid.

Q: I'm not part of a corporation or organization, but I like the idea of your workshops.  Can I participate regardless?

A:  Of course!  Corporate Painting Workshops aren't just for corporations!  If you have an idea for a girls' or guys' night out, a birthday party, or just to get friends or family together, we can accommodate you!  Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Q: We don't have enough time for the full duration of the workshop.  Can you still accommodate us?

A:  Sure!  The estimated timeline is proven to work for each of the given workshops, however if you're in a pinch and only have a short amount of time, we can customize your event for you.  Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Q: I'm part of a non-profit organization, and our budget isn't huge.  Can you do anything to accommodate us?

A:  Certainly!  Since our workshops are customizable, we can work within a budget. Contact us to find out how else we can accommodate your not-for-profit organization.

Q: How long do the workshops take?

A:  Anywhere between 2.5 - 3.5 hours, depending on the workshop you choose.  Let us know what your preferred start and end time is, and we will accommodate you.

Q: Do you provide catering?

A:  We sure do! Catering is a great way to make your event more special. Placate hungry appetites, while sipping on a glass of wine.   Contact us to find out more about catering options!

Q: What days of the week are workshops available?

A:  Workshops are generally held Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Options are also available for evening or weekend events at an additional cost.