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We all know that when we are happy and confident, we are often at our best.  In the workplace this often translates to increased levels of producitvity and profiltability.  At Creative Team Building Calgary, we strive to ensure that our clients leave a workshop feeling energized, enthused, and feeling connected.   We also know that creativity and innovation are valued components in the growth and survival of any team, company or organization.  Our art-based workshops help clients to develop their creativity and think outside the essential practice in today's corporate world.  


Since 2006, Maya Gohill at Creative Team Building Calgary has seen hundreds of content participants enjoy the benefits of utilizing their creative minds to create beautiful artworks that they never thought imaginable.  Our Corporate Painting Workshops are a fun, relaxed, safe, and interesting, way to unify a team and bring out the team spirit in a group.  


In our workshops, we aim to break barriers and shatter any limiting beliefs about our creative abilities, and in so doing, our clients step out of comfort zones willingly and happily.  Despite all the obvious advantages, the workshops are just a great deal of fun!  


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Boost performance.  Increase productivity.  Cultivate innovation.

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